Sunday, November 18, 2018

Paugussett Reroute at Indian Well: Blowdown Brook to Hickory Hill

"Before" (looking northbound)
A short but annoying stretch of the Paugussett has been bypassed with a reroute at Indian Well. This section was part of a long, straight walk up a moderately steep slope as the trail climbed up "Hickory Hill" (the hill on which Hickory Lane is located). Because of the long hill, there was a lot of erosion, and a gully about a foot deep had formed in the worst section. At the bottom of the gully was a pile of leaves and of course some random cobbles and sticks under the leaves that could turn an ankle. So you had to go really slow and watch your step. It was just steep enough that a group of hikers in light snow couldn't make it up the hill and were forced to turn back.

"After" (looking southbound)
The reroute curves back and forth along the slope, roughly parallel with the old section. Some parts had to be side-hilled. The new section is less steep, and the curves allow water to drain from the tread before getting up too much speed and washing out the trail. Hiking down the hill is a lot more pleasant now!

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