Sunday, November 5, 2017

Full Moon Hike at Nicholdale

In our never-ending quest to lose people in the woods we held a Full Moon Hike last night at the Shelton Land Trust's Nicholdale Farm.  The weather was a little iffy, but 31 hikers and a number of seeing-eye dogs showed up.  I think that people felt if we lost them in the woods the dogs would help lead them back to civilization.

We had a great hike helper who distributed lollipops to the participants (everyone earned credit for the Lollipop Hikes on this event.  And, as a bonus, bulbs of garlic from one of the Shelton Community Gardens were handed out to ward off vampires.  The noises from Fairview Farms last night of Trails of Fear could be heard in the distance. So the hike was a bit spooky as we headed through the trees.

As we wandered thought the fields we could see stars and planes though the bands of clouds.  

As we approached the Scout Camp there was a fire in the distance.  Jim & Bill from the Trails Committee had built a nice warm camp fire, and Joe Welsh from the Land Trust brought ingredients for S'mores.  The hikers circled around the campfire.

The night photography was not the best but everyone had a good time.

 It was cool jacket weather, but no wind, so it made for pleasant hiking.  The fire and toasted S'mores were a good treat.
There was no moon on the way in, but on the way back to the cars the moon was big and glowing through the clouds in the sky.  It was a great night for a Full Moon Hike, and we didn't even lose anyone (that we know of).   So a moonlit hike in mid-Fall with lollipops, S'Mores, and garlic (german hardneck garlic to be specific), and no vampires.  What more could your ask for?

Thanks to the Land Trust for hosting this hike.  They often get confused with the City of Shelton, but they are a well-run private charity that owns their open space properties.  Consider joining them if you're interested in local open spaces.  And thanks to Bill and Jim for setting up and dousing the fire for everyone.

Our next Trails work party is 11/11, and the last Lollipop Hike is Thanksgiving Weekend.  There's still time to earn your custom medal.  See the events and work parties pages for additional information & thanks for coming out to enjoy the hike.

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