Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Indian Well Steps

No more slipping down the slope
A sweeping staircase now leads up from the beach at Indian Well towards the Paugussett Trail.  The access trail gets heavy use from people looking for the falls that give Indian Well its name.  The project is part of CFPA's Great Paugussett Reroute of 2017.

Bill whacking things into place
CFPA volunteers Bill and Russ have been working on the stairs for months. They both have a pretty good commute just getting to the work site. Early on, Bill was working alone, but he was only getting two steps done per trip. Once Russ started helping out, the pace picked up. The heavy oak timbers were donated by the CT DEEP, harvested from State Forests.

"The stairs are going up to that root behind you."
This section of trail is used mostly by people looking for the falls who don't normally go hiking. We see a lot of flip flops and very few hiking boots. Even with proper footwear, the steep slope was a slipping hazard, especially going down hill in the fall.

Russ cutting up the heavy oak timbers to length

Many thanks to Bill and Russ for all their hard work!


  1. The Big Steps were up to 52 today (11-6-17) - really nice job.

  2. Thanks to Bill and Russ for all their hard work. We made our way up the steps on Friday. Nice job!