Saturday, October 7, 2017

The Dog Paw Path Blowdown is Down

Saturday morning was a good time to clear up that large oak tree that had recently blown down across the Dog Paw Path.  The clearing near the Dog Park was a little tricky due to some large branches hung up overhead.  Potentially a bad thing if they fell on you while cutting below them.

A couple of us had looked at that earlier and said "Yup, that's a job for more than one person", and walked away.  Where's Rich when you need him.

So today Jim & I attacked it by whittling away the smaller sections across the trail.  That still left some hung up branches.  But with a rope, climbing up onto some of the trees, a handsaw, an axe, wedges, a lot of tugging and leverage, we encouraged the biggest pieces to come down and rest on earth where they couldn't hurt anyone.  Then we finished clearing the worst parts of blowdown.

Near the end I nicked the chainsaw on some rocks which reduced it's cutting efficiency greatly.  We may go back to clear up the rest of it after sharpening the saw.  In the meantime enjoy using the Dog Paw Path.