Saturday, October 28, 2017

Beautiful Fall Day on The Shelton Lakes RecPath

It was a beautiful Fall Saturday on the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path.  The sun was shining brightly thru the leaves.  It was a little chilly to start but we warmed up with a little trail work.

Here's the sun coming through the beech trees at Lizard Head Rock off Wesley Drive.

Jim, Michael, and David were working along Lane Street.  We had multiple groups working from Lane St. to Oak Valley Road cutting grass, spraying, mowing, unclogging drainage pipes, and cutting brush.  The storms earlier in the week caused some wash-outs and Bill will be working with Parks & Rec to try to get that fixed.  In the meantime watch your footing in a couple of spots.

Michael was raking leaves to clean out some of the turns, while Paul and David were clearing out brush along the lower Wesley Drive Crossings.

A lot of people were taking advantage of the weather to go biking, running, walking, and dog walking.  There were a lot of hellos and thank yous.

The little American Chestnut tree before Wesley Drive looked good in the fall colors.

The Maple Leafed Viburnum was turning scarlet and showing off its black berries.

The Winterberry in Spooner Swamp near Great Ledge was also bright red.

Val & Sheri were cutting back brush along Great Ledge near Oak Valley Road.  It had gotten pretty thick in there this summer.  Jim mowed sections of the RecPath from Great Ledge to Lane Street and back.  Hopefully things will stop growing soon.

David & Jim weedwacking and mowing along the RecPath.  It felt like we got a lot of things done with a good crew.  Thanks to Paul, David, Mike, Jim, Val, Sheri, Bill & Terry

So enjoy the RecPath during the rest of the Fall.  Don't forget to finish your lollipop hikes, and join us for the Full Moon Night Hike next week.  

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