Sunday, May 21, 2017

Spring Wonders in Plain Sight

Spring is a great time to enjoy the trails.  It's not too hot or muggy yet, and everything is fresh and bright green.  If you take a little time to look right, left, up or down you may see many of the woodland flowers that are blooming.

Like this Pinkster azalea blooming just off the RecPath by Silent Waters.  We had a trail work party yesterday and when going back for more gas while cutting brush I spotted this just off the Path.  I had missed it before because I was focused on what I was doing.  As a great philosopher once said "You can observe a lot by watching".  There were things blooming all over once I started looking.

These viburnums were finishing blooming over by the Canoe Launch sign, but they were still pretty.

So Sunday Biscuit and I went for a walk to see what we didn't see working on the trails.  The RecPath at Pine Lake weaves between the lush pines. You can still hear the cars over on Rt. 108, but you start to feel like you're back in the woods once you get into the pines.

 There are large carpets of Canada mayflowers in places.

A close-up of the little white mayflowers.

 There were also Jack-in-the-Pulpits.

Some greenway customers were out getting Sunday brunch.

And we found some purple Woodland floxs Wild Geranium.

There were also Solomon's Seal, and False Solomon Seal along the RecPath.

Silent Waters was a scenic place to hang out.  It's funny how many people trudge right over the bridge, and don't stop to look around at one of the highlights of  the RecPath.  You start looking around and you never know what you'll see.

Possibly some local residents out looking for some warm sun.

Did I mention that this all started in a trail work party yesterday?  We were clearing back brush in preparation the National Trails Day hikes in 2 weeks.  Here's Luis and John cleaning up the RecPath at the Turkey Trot Trailhead.

And this is Jim, Bill, and Michael cutting back the jungle below the Silent Waters Dam.  It's a real pretty spot be the brush explodes with the sunlight.  The guys cleared the loop around the Intermediate School as well as the RecPath, portions of the Turkey Trot Trail, and side trails.

There's another nice stand of azaleas on both sides of the RecPath below the dam.

It was almost like you were walking in an arboretum.

So we cleared out the trails, RecPath, crossings, and entrances; like here at Rt. 108.  We should be all set for Trails Day, but then things keep growing.  Thanks to John, Luis, Michael, Bill, and Jim for helping out on Saturday.  Take advantage of the nice weather and enjoy the trails.  Come out and go exploring with us in two weeks for one of the Trails Day Hikes.  In the meantime, look around when you're out in the woods, you'll never know what you might see.



  1. I think the snake is a Northern Water Snake. If you zoom in close, you can see there is banding under the dull black coat.

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