Monday, May 1, 2017

The Wild(flower) Bunch

 Spring has sprung! Time for our annual hike in search of the elusive wildflowers. Nature has a way of messing with the timing of the first blooms, and every year we try to guess in advance the perfect weekend for tracking the trillium.

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What's so funny? This is supposed to be an educational romp

Just out the gate, Teddy holds up the file to check out the environment

Terry is prepared to lecture on the local flora, guidebook in hand

Enjoying the scenery

Terry took every opportunity to point out the numerous different Spring flowers along our route

Over time, fallen trees have made casual hiking challenging, but your Trails Committee makes every effort to clear any obstacles as soon as conditions permit. In this case the situation was compounded by a wet and muddy location
Our furry companions enjoyed a brief respite from the hot and humid conditions

The happy hikers pose for a group photo

Fortunately, Terry pointed out quite an assortment of colorful wildflowers, or we would have had to change the title of this blog entry

A picturesque brook winds down through Birchbank. At times it's just a trickle, at others a torrent. Two bridges, built as Eagle Scout projects, provide easy crossing on the trail

Back to civilization! Terry, the Davy Crockett of the Trails Committee, was able to educate us on a variety of plants and flowers on this hike. This was a nice kick-off for what we hope will be a wonderful summer spent enjoying the Great Outdoors!

(Terry as a small boy with his first wildlife encounter)

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