Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hope Lake Fall Upgrades

Hope Lake (formerly known as Reservoir #3) on Nells Rock Road is one of Shelton's most popular open spaces, enjoyed by fishermen, kayakers, hikers, mountain bikers and picnickers.  It's a great scenic spot that's popular with families.  So last Saturday the Trails Committee and local volunteers fixed up the entry way at the parking area on Nells Rock Road. south of the causeway.

Shelton Parks and Rec Dept. dropped off several loads of woodchips that were spread up and down Oak Valley Trail to cover eroded areas along the lake.  The wood chips filled in nicely between exposed tree roots to improve the footing along the east side of Hope Lake.

While some people were moving the wood chips into place others were nailing down loose boards on a couple of low board walks that span some of the wetter spots along the trail.  With the current drought these were pretty dry, but we still fixed the boards to prevent a tripping hazard.

We used our John Deere Gator and a wheeled cart to move the wood chips up and down the trail.

Other people started to dismember the last remains of the old bridge and the southern end of the lake.

The structure was carefully taken apart so the lumber could be recycled into other scout and trail projects.

The southern point was cleared off so that the scenic views remain, while access to the point is still open from the southern rock spine.

Other trail volunteers removed rocks from the trail bed, moved mulch into the rough spots, fixed up boardwalks, and removed the lumber from the point.

Thanks to Eva, Val, Stan, Chris, Jimmy, Jim, Mark, Bill, Sheri, and Terry for helping out on a beautiful crisp Fall morning. Next time you're going along the lake, if it seems like it's easier to walk Oak Valley Trail along Hope Lake it's due the volunteer elbow grease.  Enjoy your Shelton Open Spaces.

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  1. It was a beautiful fall day with a good group of volunteers that got a lot done. It was nice to see two high school student getting their 10 hours of community service early in the school year.