Sunday, October 2, 2016

Grey Skies, No Rain, and One Big Pumpkin; Shelton Day 2016.

With a forecast for showers we brought extra tarps, extra umbrellas, extra rain coats, and waterproof maps.  And since we did all that the skies stayed grey, but dry, and we had a pretty decent Shelton Day.  You're Welcome for the weather.

We had the usual spot between Dunkin' Doughnuts and Bricks and Barley Tavern.  Perfect spot for a Trails Booth - thanks again Sheri.

We passed out a hundreds of maps that Teresa made, and answered a lot of questions about neighborhood trails, places to fish, the Shelton Trails Challenge (we gave away ALL our packets), guided hikes, how people could volunteer to help out with the trails.  Bill was hawking the raffle tickets like Gary Busey in Carny, Bob Wood was moving the Marathon packets (in between swapping out his shirts for all the different booths he was working).

The lack of rain and wind allowed us to set out some nice displays.  A number of the younger trail patrons enjoyed the candy and apples (as well as the older trail patrons.  The Trails Committee members patronized the other booths, ate a bunch of food, and chatted with dozens of friends and neighbors working all the other booths.

No, he's not praying for rain (although we do need it)! While an interested party checks out a brochure identifying fish, Jim regales him with some tall tales of his own.

We had lots of visitors, many asking questions, gathering maps and brochures, or commenting on our trail work. Rich kept telling them how much fun work parties are.  We also had 35 folks sign up for our trail activities email postings.

Jim tried to see if the High School Robotics Team could jury rig some of their robots with chainsaws to help us with trail maintenance.  They kept mumbling something about legal restrictions, public safety, finally that it might be fun to try it, but then someone talked them out of it - Sigh!  What could possibly go wrong.

We also had a great little raffle at the end orchestrated by Sandie.  Christiana at Jones Family Farm donated a mongo pumpkin for the raffle, which Fran won.  It was funny wheeling it down to the Farmer's Market in a little cart and having people direct me along the way to her van (just look for the guy with the big pumpkin).  Hope she had someone to help her get it out at home.  We also raffled off 4 hiking sticks and we hope Ken, Bob, and Leah (she bought multiple tickets and won 2) have a great time on the trails with them this Fall.

Finally, after the gear was all packed up, we patronized one more local establishment at Bricks and Barley while waiting for the Shelton Police to reopen Howe Avenue.  It was tough work, but somebody had to do it.  It was a good time and thanks to everyone who stopped by, helps on trails, or donated their time and effort.  And thanks to Jones Family Farm for donating that big pumpkin - it was a big hit.
The End - see you soon on the trails.

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