Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Marshmallow March and the Endless Winter

Technically it's Spring
Shelton's annual Marshmallow March finally took place on March 22 this year after being rescheduled twice due to deep, slushy snow; the kind of snow for which there is no appropriate footwear, not even snowshoes. Snow hikes are tough to schedule because you just never know what the condition of the trails and parking lot will be.  This year, by March 22, the snow depth had dropped down to a dense 3-5" along most of the trail. A cold front came and made it feel more like a blustery day in January.

Would winter-weary Sheltonites embrace the outdoors in these blustery conditions at the end of March?

Hot Chocolate at the Scout Camp
Yes! We had a good turnout, especially families getting their kids out for some exercise and fresh air. Along with hot chocolate and marshmallows, of course!

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