Sunday, November 24, 2013

Riverview Rehab

Another clear, cool Autumn Saturday, and the Shelton Trails Committee conducts one of its seasonal leaf raking work parties, this time at our trail behind Riverview Park. This trail always suffers from an abundance of oak leaves, usually wet by the time we get to them, and thick where they've blown down from the park above.

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We had a nice turnout of volunteers, including two families with kids that were working to fulfill church or school community service goals.

David and one of his sons take on a section of the trail with leaf blower and rake.

 John and daughter Emily fine tune a path behind Committee Chairman Bill Dyer.

 Paulette takes a break with her sons Joseph and Josh. The family that works together gets good camera time together.

Spotting the camera, Richard and Jim of the Trails Committee attempt to keep up with the newest volunteers.

Thanks to Luis, John, David and Paulette and sons Joseph and Josh, and John and daughter Emily,  for taking time out of their Saturday to help make one of our trails more easily accessible. Trails Committee members Bill, Terrance, Lynn, Richard and Jim proudly observed their new recruits go through the paces. Join us next time for a few hours of fun, excitement, and callouses!

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  1. A quick post & great turnout - 14 volunteers and a couple of families. Everybody got to enjoy the views of the River.