Sunday, November 10, 2013

All Fall Down!

Leaves, Autumn, crisp, cool air! There's no getting around leaf raking and blowing. Some of our trails need work, too! This Saturday we had a nice group of volunteers helping to clean up our Boehm Pond Trial, one of our lesser known, but delightful, neighborhood paths right on Far Mill Street.

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This trail, actually multiple trails, passes through serene woods, one leg terminating at Boehm Pond.
Armed with leaf-blowers and rakes, young volunteers breezed through the several trail legs at Boehm (no pun intended).
These guys were born to do this!
The trail is now visible and free of obstructions.
Meanwhile, work progresses on creating a walkway over a perpetually soggy area that was difficult to bypass.
Stakes were created on the spot.
You're supposed to hit the stake!

Thanks to volunteers Josh and Jerry, Ryon, Alex, Wesley, Samantha, Jared, and another volunteer that did not leave his name. The Trails Committee was loosely represented by Bill, Terry, Lynn, Jim, and Richard.

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  1. Great turnout from all the volunteers; particularly the folks from the High School.