Thursday, August 29, 2013

It needs to be repainted ALREADY!

I've read that when maintenance crews get done painting one end of the Golden Gate Bridge they go right back to where they started and start repainting the whole bridge over again.

We know the feeling.

The Silent Waters sign was looking distressed this spring, so we took it down for refreshing.

The Eklund Garden Gate was looking pretty whopped too.  Being outdoors all year can take a toll on you.

But, with a little cleaning and some tender loving care it's back on the job.

Emma Gallagher repainted the Silent Waters Sign by the Intermediate School and it's also back in action.   Everybody always likes to show up at ribbon cuttings when something new is built, but one of the un-heralded tasks of any successful operation is taking care of things once they're build.  Thanks to all the volunteers that help out on Shelton Trails.

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