Saturday, August 17, 2013

Emily Tarini's Scout Project at the Dog Park

It's too bad that we don't get more Girl Scout projects on the trails.  Some of them are quite good.  Emily Tarini's recent project at the Dog Park, though not a trails project, is at one of the gateways for the RecPath and is excellent.

Two custom benches were installed.  The routered letters and paw prints were a nice touch.

Emily's team also built a new picnic bench.

Another bench was installed overlooking the beautiful flower garden and the RecPath.  The Parks & Rec Dept. had just finished new curb along the driveway there.

Emily also repainted the Dog Park shed (love the color), installed timber guide rail (It's a good thing some of her family is in the construction business), installed planter barrels, and planted a variety of flowers and landscaping.

It was a very good job.  Thanks to Emily and her Gold Scout team.  We need more Girl Scout projects like this along the trail system.

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