Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Trails Day 2013

 It was hot, humid, and a change in venue from our previous Trails Day hikes. This was to be shorter, but more of a climb than what had been our usual level walk along the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. Fortunately, the hardy souls that showed were prepared for a real hike!

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We assembled at the parking lot across from the Indian Well  falls trail
Terry Gallagher was designated hike leader and trail guide, having experience in distinguishing between poison ivy and hallucinogenic mushrooms

The hikers started from Indian Well State Park by The Maples.  We had a few more late additions, but it was a nice turn out.   Here's the "Before" picture while we were all cool and dry.
 From the parking lot, it was only a short distance of easy walking before the uphill climb

 Terry points out the stone retaining wall built by the WPA during the Great Depression

 Hikers pass a long abandoned home foundation halfway up the hill

One of several obstacles that had to be tackled along the way. Due to the relatively dry Spring, streams and brooks did not pose a problem this day

Pets as well as folks consumed their share of water
At the half way mark (this was a round trip) Bill Dyer had pre-placed a cooler with ice water, a welcome treat
Hot and tired, but knowing that the return trip was downhill, the survivors wait for their Trails Committee guides to stop stalling and proceed with the remainder of the hike.

All things considered, and in spite of the less-than-ideal conditions, all participants seemed to enjoy the day. The first-timers expressed interest in future outings, so we hope to see all of them in the near future.

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  1. Nice photos Rich. It was a good inaugural hike on the Paugussett Trail Extension. Now all we need is the neighbors at Mayflower Lane to stop dumping their yard waste in the middle of the trail. Thanks to everybody who came out and explored the new trail.