Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Always Improving

Another Saturday, another work party. A re-routing of a small section of the Paugussett Trail between Wellington and Independence Drives was started a few weeks ago, but the path had to be widened to accommodate the committee's Gator, needed for mowing and utility work.

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Jim and Sandie get the easy task of bringing the assorted tools to the work site

Terrance starts the ball rolling by cutting back the brush and weeds that sprung up as a result of the heavy and persistent rain. In spite of all the protective gear, Terrance was still spitting shredded weeds for days afterward

A dead tree meets a timely end at the hands of lumberjill Sandie (note the rest of the crew keeping a safe distance)

Joe and Luis trim back and rake the annoying brambles and weeds
"Don't jump, Luis!" The crew heads back to civilization after spending a hot and humid morning making our trails easier to enjoy

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