Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Opening Day Is Not Far Away

Opening Day of Fishing Season is this Saturday, April 20th.  Be prepared for 4:00 parking jams at all the popular hang-outs like Hope Lake on Nells Rock Road.

If you want to line up a spot then some of the places you can go include:

  • Housatonic River - Southbank Open Space on Rt. 110
  • Sunnyside Boat Ramp and Picnic Area - Rt 110 behind Sunnyside School
  • The Riverwalk - downtown
  • Ousatonic Dam - north end of Canal St (parking is very limited)
  • Indian Well State Park - Indian Well Road
  • Curtis Brook - Pine Lake - Rt. 108 outside downtown (start of the RecPath)
  • Silent Waters - Constitution Boulevard North (canoe access)
  • Hope Lake - Nells Rock Road (there is a handicapped-accessible fishing rock near the dam)
  • Far Mill River - Gristmill Trail - Mill Street
  • Beard Sawmill Road at Rt. 8
  • Wellspring Estates - Farmill Crossing
  • ASF Sports - Rt. 110 - trail access behind the building

And if you need a map to find the fish the CT DEEP publishes a list of places where they stocked trout along the Far Mill River.

Please clean up after yourself and others as you enjoy fishing.  Shelton's Clean Sweep Week is on and there are a lot of folks out cleaning up parks, roadsides, and streambanks.  We all value our waterways and we don't need to add Dunkin Doughnuts cups, bait containers, and wrappers to the problem.

So whether you like small ponds, big rivers, or fast moving streams there's plenty of places to enjoy local opens spaces.

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