Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paugussett Trail Clean-Up

We had a good work party on the Paugussett Trail this morning.  Six Shelton High School students assisted as part of their community service program and we were glad to have them.  We worked from Indian Well State Park by The Maples up toward Mayflower Drive.  Half the people went uphill and worked down and the other half worked uphill.  We hit a lot more storm damage than we anticipated & had to go back for the chainsaw.  In the meantime the high school guys raked, cleared brush, and hauled out a ridiculous amount of trash that people had heaved over the stone walls along Indian Well Road.

They then hauled all these goodies a long way down to the parking lot by the trail to the Indian Well Waterfall for pick-up.  Some of this stuff was surprisingly heavy too!  People were throwing out buckets of roofing tar or something.  The other crew had a great time whittling their way through a barberry patch.  Hopefully they came through in one piece.  Thanks to Ryan, Jim, Zack, Rob & the other guys (I'll have to get everybody's names from Sandie) for helping out.  We'll probably be back here in 2 weeks completing this section in anticipation of the National Trails Day Hike in June.

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