Sunday, August 26, 2012

When We're Not Mowing Our Own Yards .....

The Trails Committee had a work party on the Recreation Path at Lane Street Saturday to clear brush that had severely encroached on the edges of the Path.  Jim was a little confused about the mission and started out trying to mow the crushed stone portion.  However, once we convinced him to concentrate on cutting the hay instead he got quite a bit of work done.

 Here's a section of the 8 foot wide path reduced to about 4' due to plant growth.  This is always a tough spot for volunteers to keep up with during the summer because the plants grow so quickly.

Luis started clearing out the shoulders with one of the sickle bar mowers.  The RecPath was very busy with customers this morning;  there were a number of folks out walking or running along the Path.  We tried to stop working when we saw someone approaching, but people should realize that the volunteers may not notice people approaching due to the power equipment.

The DR Mower was towed behind the Gator to mow the open areas along the meadows, but there was still a lot of hand work that needed to be done.

Sheri was clearing out some of the taller stuff with the gas-powered hedge trimmer.  It looks scary, but it's a useful tool for this type of edge clearing.

This is the Land Trust Meadow after clearing.  Sheri was remarking that her "cows would really like all that beautiful grass".  That's the farmer's view of open space. The meadow was mowed once this year, maybe they'll get a second mowing in, but right now it's great for butterflys and wildlife.

The Lane St. Boardwalk was all cleared off too.  It's an interesting spot because you can see all the plants that grow in the swamp along Means Brook without getting your feet wet.  It's hard to believe that it was six years ago that we built this boardwalk.

In addition to towing the DR Mower, the Gator makes a pretty handy wheelbarrow too.  Rich and Jim drove over with various implements of destruction for use in the work party.  Getting all the RecPath sections completed has simplified maintenance because it's easier to access a larger percentage of our trail network.

We did our usual recap at the end of the work party.  There are other areas that still need clearing and cutting, but this was a good chunk.  We had a lot of folks run or walk by and say good job, but I'm not sure if they fully understand that it takes a lot of work to keep the RecPath and trail system in good condition.  Volunteer help is always needed and welcome;  consider joining a work party, or just go out and clear some briars and brush in your free time.

Please join us on October 6th, 2012 for the RecPath Grand Opening Celebration.  It will be at the trailhead by the Dog Park on Nells Rock Road at 9:30.  Mark your calendars.

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