Tuesday, August 7, 2012

20,000 Zinnia Seeds

This is what the zinnias from 20,000 seeds looks like. The garden is located at the corner of Nells Rock Road and Shelton Avenue, between the Rec Path and the Dog Park. Mayor Lauretti asked Master Gardener Allison Menendez to plant some showy flowers for the season, on a tight budget, and this is what Allision came up with. It definitely brightens up that corner and will be a nice backdrop for the Rec Path Grand Opening scheduled for October 6. 

Last year Allison planted tall sunflowers that were gorgeous until our friend Irene stopped by and knocked a few over. Zinnias are fairly indestructible. Allison's helpers were: Sharna Kozak, Kelly Walsh, Paul J. Kryzwick, Jim Squezello, Jim Capra, Teresa Rheisenberg, Lynn Reid, and Jay Knick.

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