Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Last RecPath Section is DONE!

The final section was completed by Pruzinsky & Sons on Friday July 27, 2012.  They finished the final touches installing the granite posts,  cleaning up the construction areas, placing the final wood chips and boulders.  The Pruzinsky team, along with the guys from Fairview Tree Farm, did a great job in record time.

The entrances to the RecPath are marked by granite posts where the Path crosses private driveways.  Please look for traffic (generally very light) when crossing the driveways.


Here's a section in the middle showing the Path winding through the trees.  The Path traverses a narrow corridor in City open space between Oak Valley Road and a swamp to the west.

The Path continues to the south across a pair of private driveways.  On the southern end the path goes around a utility maintenance gate.


The gate prevents unauthorized vehicles from entering the RecPath and causing damage.  The posts allow bike traffic and pedestrians to enjoy the Path without having to open and close the gate.

And this is the northern end of the new section.  The construction equipment and materials have been cleaned up and the area landscaped with woodchips and boulders.  This is roughly the mid-point in the RecPath; it's about 2 miles to Pine Lake going North, or 2 miles to Huntington Center going South.  It's only taken about 20 Years to get this accomplished - Enjoy.


  1. There was a nice article in the Valley Sentinel today about the history of the RecPath - another nice job by the Sentinel.