Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bluff Walk Spruce Up

We had a successful, if somewhat damp work party, what with the 99% humidity and all. But we had a good turn out with Joann, Bill, Sandie, Rich, Jim, Terry, Bill, Lynn & Sheri so it worked out well.  We cleared a lot of the overgrown Bluff Walk in downtown Riverview Park.  The Walk runs behind the 2 baseball diamonds and up to the Kid's Playground, and was overgrown with Knotweed, leaves, sticks, and trash.

 This was the "Before" picture by the basketball courts.

And here is the "After" picture behind the ballfields.  Enjoy the walk and mind the groundhog.

The trail was covered with a thick layer of leaves in many places.  They were thick and wet which made walking difficult on the slopes.

This is one of the "After" pictures showing Bill & Sheri clearing the Walk so it's easier and safer to follow.

Lynn pulled a couple of bags of trash out of the park, but unfortunately there's still a lot in there.  Everybody feel free to pick up a little bit when you can.

The Bluff Walk is a historic trail in Shelton's oldest park and dates to the 1880's.  Riverview Park is a nice jewel in downtown overlooking the Housatonic River.  Enjoy the Walk next time your there at the kiddie playground, War Memorial, or watching a baseball game.

Question:  How long does it take to figure out how to put the safety cover on the brushcutter after the work party?
Answer:  Depends on how many Polish guys are in the crew.

Thanks to everybody who came out and helped.  See you on the trails.

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