Saturday, June 2, 2012

Paugussett Trail Map

Here's a map showing the entire Paugussett Trail, including the newer five miles south of Indian Well State Park. The map is very slow to load, which is why I'm typing a bunch of words up here for you to read before you look at it. The green hiker icons represent places where other trails connect with the Paugussett at Webb Mtn, Birchbank, Indian Well, and Shelton Lakes. At a glance you can see how the Paugussett connects these four parks together.

This is a Google map that allows you to zoom, pan, and view the 2012(!) aerial layer as well as a terrain layer. For best results, click the "view larger map" link on the bottom left and wait for it to reload. For the techies out there, you can save as a .kml file (GoogleEarth file type) and use software to convert that to a gpx file for your gps receiver. However, note that although the route shown is pretty close, it is not exact, especially the older section (darkest blue). To hike the older sections, we recommend purchasing a copy of the CT Walk Book, available at book stores and at (this also supports CFPA, the nonprofit organization that maintains the Blue Blazed Trail system).  The parking areas shown are pretty accurate. Click on one to get driving directions. You can save the map or a specific map point to your Google account and view later on your smart phone if you're into that (Ms. Droidetta will give you directions as you drive).

View Paugussett Trail in a larger map


  1. I am so impressed by the efforts made in Shelton to develop trails, keep them maintained and safe as well as accessible. The promotion you do and the education you provide is invaluable! You do a job to be proud of! Makes the other valley towns look like slackers...It's great that Derby and Ansonia have the river walks, but they have done nothing for hikers, and hiking is the way to go for me.

  2. I just did this trail from Indian Wells to East Village yesterday. I've done the Indian Wells trails before never go into the upper parts of the trail.

    This is a good trail. I was able to finish it one way in just about 4 1/2 hours. It was just after dusk for about my last mile in Monroe.

    There are some technical sections on this trail. Rock climbing, creeks, inclines and descents. Beware of slippery rocks! It started raining yesterday on me. made for a muddy fun time.

    some sections of the trail seems that havent been walked on much, and some residents of the neighbors were wondering what I was doing walking through their streets covered in mud with a big back pack.

    Over all I'm glad i finished the whole trail in one shot, not that i see theres more section i'm going to that to do the rest back towards shelton lakes!

  3. I ran the lower section of the trail yesterday, from the parking lot on Buddington Road up to Indian Well SP and back. Absolutely great trail. Good footing, well marked and cleared. A few road crossings and one short road walk, but a really nice walk/run in the woods.

    1. Thank you! Feedback from trail users is invaluable, whether good or bad. Better when it's good, though :).