Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rec Path Helmet Cam

Here's a helmet cam view of the Rec Path by bicycle, taken a week after Hurricane Irene. The video starts behind Hope Lake (aka Nells Rock Reservoir), which is at about Mile 1.5 on the Rec Path. That's the high point of the Rec Path, so it is generally downhill to Huntington Center.

Featured is our new property purchased just over a week ago called "Great Ledge." The CL&P maintenance road through that property is a little rough, but provides linkage between the northern and southern halves of the Rec Path.

It was about 6:00 on a Sunday evening with rain coming in, so the trail was nice and empty. There's a LOT of debris on the Path from the Hurricane and in some places you can hardly tell it's there except for the hole through the trees.

Thanks to the guys for all that work clearing away trees from the Path!

Rec Path Celebration is September 24 at noon at Pine Lake. Bike or walk your way, we'll show you how to get through the unfinished center of the Rec Path.

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  1. is the walk still on today? and where do we park? at the dog park?