Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twilight Hike Tonight - maybe

Tonight is the night for our August 16th Twilight Hike, lets see if the weather cooperates.

No, No - not that twilight. There will be no vampires or werewolves along the RecPath (we think). But do bring your flashlights, glow sticks, head lamps, lanterns, torches, etc. because we will be coming back in the dark and you never know what you might see. This is a good hike for families and kids.

We're going to leave from the shopping center at 90 Huntington St. at 7:30 and go up Lane Street along the new sections of the RecPath through Huntington Woods and beyond. Bring shoes and boots that can get muddy. Hopefully it'll stop raining, but at least the water should be up in Basil Brook. We might even stop at the Huntington St. Cafe afterwards. It should be fun - see you there.

Bella, Edward, Jacob, Edward, Jacob, Bella, Jacob, Bella, Edward ........

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