Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lane Street Spruce Up

We had a work party yesterday on the RecPath at Lane St. in Huntington Center in preparation of the Twilight Hike this coming Tuesday.

Here's Jim Taradine removing a pile of yard waste that somebody dumped in front of the Path entrance. Come On - do we really need to clean up after goobers? Is it that hard to have a compost pile on your lot? If you don't want it on your property take the brush to the grinder at the Transfer Station on River Road. Don't use our City park as a dumping ground.

Here's the Before Picture. The brush likes to grow along the entry where it gets a lot of sun and water.

The 8 foot wide RecPath was reduced in width so it limited passage. We had a lot of nice customers go by, including a number of families with future trail fans. There seem to be a lot more baby carriages on the Path now that the new sections are being completed.

Bill Donofrio was a big help, particularly with clearing some of the taller stuff that dangling down into the Path.

People spread out along the Path doing various tasks. Sheri is using the new trail mower that Rich's friend just donated to the Trails Committee.

Big Trails Thank You: to John Loughran (Rich's pal), and Joel Horton (Bill's buddy) for the kind donation of a lawnmower, shovels, rakes, hedge trimmer, and other instruments of brushy destruction. Your gifts have found a good home and will be put to good use.

Bill Dyer got himself coated with a fine blend of brush spackle using the weedwhacker.

Jim & Rich mowed the edges of the Path with the our trail mower. It saves a lot of time in the open areas. Now if only we can get them to smile when a camera is pointed in their direction.

There were a number of native plants in flower, particularly near the boardwalk. This is Joe-Pye Weed. The boardwalk lets you see wetland species that you normally couldn't see without getting soaked. Stop and take a look as you pass through.

Speaking of boardwalk, Bill cleaned up the edges of the RecPath out to the end of the Land Trust Meadow and back.

And this is the "After" picture of the RecPath looking toward the little meadow. We had a lot of people thank us for the hot work, now all we need are a few more volunteers like Bill. The more people that show up to work really helps make a difference.

Here's some more happy customers at the end of the work party as we were cleaning up. We cleared from Wesley Drive down to Lane Street. Come out Tuesday night on the Twilight Hike (bring flashlights) and see the RecPath for yourself. It should be fun for kids of all ages.

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