Monday, May 16, 2011

Ahh Choo! Trails in Bloom

The woods are in full bloom the Spring - at least that's what the pollen count says.

The wild pink azaleas were out in full force by the J Pond during our work party Saturday. A crack crew from the Trails Committee were out clearing brush along the Bridge to Bridge route in anticipation of National Trails Day.

There were a number of wildflowers out along the trails. The Eklund Native Species Garden on Oak Valley Road had a number of plants in bloom.

We also had our Mutt March Guided Hike on Sunday. A lot of people were put off by the impending rain, but the weather held out & it made for a very moody stroll. Here's the view of Silent Waters from the bridge on top of the dam.

It was a great walk for dogs. Slightly cool and foggy. The puppies had a good time.

The dogwoods were blooming. I don't know if the trees will still be blooming for Trails Day, but they look good right now, so enjoy the views along the trails while you can this Spring.

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