Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mulching We Will Go

Hey we're getting new RecPath adventurers in pairs! Here are some folks out enjoying the Shelton Lakes Greenway on the RecPath. Maybe if these two guys like the Path we'll get them out on a work party some day in the future. One of the advantages in making the RecPath handicapped accessible is that it opens up beautiful open space to a wide variety of families.

It was another busy weekend for Shelton's volunteers. Rich and Zack were loading mulch in the Gator to dress the edges of the RecPath between the new Dog Park and Oak Valley Road. The guys from the Parks and Rec Dept. dropped off many piles of woodchips and then volunteers spread them along the shoulders. This prevents erosion, improves footing along the edges, and gives a more woodsy feel to blend in the fresh construction with the Greenway.

Carol, Jim, and Lynn worked in much on the other end going toward Oak Valley Trail.

This section will look great in a couple of weeks when the Moutain Laurel blooms - just in time for the hike on National Trails Day.

Tom Harbinson & Jim Tate from the Conservation Commission were assisting Andrew & James T. Tate set some of the new granite posts along the RecPath entrances. Tom volunteered the use of his machine to excavate for the posts & the young guys supplied the muscle to set them in. Hopefully Dr. Smith will Let James Tyler Tate Go To The Prom for his civic do-goodness.

The posts help new visitors find their way & prevent cars from driving on the RecPath. Posts were added at Lane St., Constitution Boulevard North, and at this parking lot on Nells Rock Road. More posts will be installed as future sections are completed.

And a big Thank You to Mr. Bing Carbone for volunteering to pay for some of the granite posts that were stolen last year. The big construction on the RecPath is being built by contractors, but it takes a lot of work by volunteers to make everything sucessful.

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