Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sunday Snow Hike 1/30/11

The hike scheduled for this Sunday, 1/30/11 at 1:00 has been relocated from the Land Trust's Nicholdale parcel on Rt. 110 to the RecPath opposite the Shelton Intermediate School on Constitution Boulevard North. Click here for a trail map.

It should be fun but be prepared for a winter hike. Dress warmly in layers, bring your snow boots, clamp on your crampons, strap on your snowshoes, slip on your skis, and harness the sled dogs.

Bring something to drink and snack on. Unfortunately we can't do the marshmallow roast in this area, but we will be going by the Dog Park so bring Fido & Rover if they handle the snow. We'll also walk along the newly graded section of the RecPath overlooking Hope Lake, so it should be pretty.

We think that if we pack the trail down a bit with snowshoes it'll be easier for everybody to walk, but we'll see. When we originally scheduled this hike we were unaware that this January would be the snowiest month in Connecticut's recorded history. The Land Trust's parking lot is snowed in, but we should be able to park safely in front of the Intermediate School.

And we may see more snow before the hike, so be ready. If it keeps up like this snowshoes may not be enough. Saddle up the Tauntauns, we're headed for Hoth.


  1. My Tauntaun doesn't have snowshoes. Can I leave her in the dog park unattended while I hike?

  2. I think all the pets at the Dog Park have to be accompanied by their owners, so you'll have to stay with your Tauntaun. And I don't even what to know what you use to clean up after her.

  3. It's called "Tauntaun Poop-be-gone"