Monday, November 15, 2010

What is It?

Guess what this is and win a prize. And no, Richard can't enter the contest.

It was a beautiful Fall weekend & there was a lot of household chores to do after our do-good work at the Boehm Pond trail. On Sunday, I got a chance to walk the Birchbank Trail where Teresa has been re-routing some of the trail. The park was really pretty, and it looked like the ATV enforcement was having some effect. The trail is being re-routed in a couple of places to avoid really eroded gullies, and to take advantage of scenic overviews.

It's easy to get so absorbed with working on the RecPath, fixing vandalism, or working on other trails that I sometimes forget how truly pretty this park is. Here's one view over White Hills Brook that is really picturesque. I met a guy walking a large Chesapeake retriever (is there such a thing as a small Chesapeake?) & they were both having a great time along the Brook. It's good to have a big park like this next to some densely populated neighborhoods like Birchbank.

We have a public hike scheduled for Nov. 28th on this trail, but if anybody has the inclination to blow or rake leaves off the trail before then, well have at it. The trail access is by the railroad crossing on Birchbank Road after the rollercoaster.

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