Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ah.... Smell the leaves!

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What a great Fall day it was as we prepared to remove leaves from The Boehm Pond Trail. In addition to clearing the trails, Lynn had proposed that we create a new side-trail to overlook the babbling brook that is the outlet for Boehm's Pond. It made for a rewarding morning's work.

The day's volunteers line up, rarin' to go trail hugging!

Tools in hand, Lynn prepares to define the new trail.

Jim fires up one of the leaf blowers, without which this work
party would have been challenging, to say the least.

Carol prepares to flag the new trail with orange tape.
Leaf blowers and rakes follow the flags.

Rich gets down to the nitty-gritty, so to speak , while Luis follows,
cutting away obstacles such as imposing branches and twigs.

Luis shows off the tools of the trade.

Shari gets what Rich misses with the good old-fashioned rake.

The morning came to a pleasant end, with the work party having cleared the entire trail and establishing a new, scenic side-trail that we like to call "Lynn's Loop". Come walk the Boehm Pond Trail. It is especially scenic right now, as there is still some yellow leaf color in the trees, yet you can see some distance through the trees. The pond at the end of the Yellow Trail is a picture of serenity, and the brook is flowing just enough to present a scene right out of a nature series.

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  1. Nice Post Rich.

    The Boehm Pond Trail also goes north of Winthrop Woods Road to Boehm Pond. There's public access around the pond but there was one blowdown by the bridge that needs to be cleared with a chainsaw.