Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trail Mix

Trail work was carried out at two locations this week in anticipation of heavy traffic in the coming weeks.  Extensive erosion on the Rec Path at the Lane Street meadows, where the path enters the woods, was a cause for concern due to safety issues. And the Blue Dot connector, on the old Weicik pasture, was in need of some brush and bramble trimming.


What was once referred to as the "Grand Canyon" has been filled and hopefully a water bar positioned at the top of the incline will divert heavy runoff from eroding the path again.

Jim clears some wayward brambles alongside the Lane St. meadow, following some serious relocating of gravel to fill the washout. The Gator has been invaluable, considering the wood chips, millings, stone, and other materials that are moved around on work parties and during general trail maintenance.

Carol, Lynn, Jim and Dominic work at cutting and removing thorny briars. 
A group effort is required to clear some of the heavier brush and brambles, all while standing on wet and muddy ground at the edge of the pasture.

After awhile, the predicted rains came, dampening the clothes, but not the spirits, of the volunteers. Shari, Darlene, Dominic, Bill, and Lynn return from a fruitful work party.
In spite of the predicted thunderstorms and rain, were were genuinely pleased to have such a turnout for this work party. Besides the accomplishments, the work parties are always fun, a chance to meet folks with similar interests, and a great way to become more familiar with your Shelton trails! Thanks to all for spending your Saturday morning with us!

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  1. We know that many people would like to help with trail maintenance, but can't join us on Saturday mornings. When out for a hike on the trails, remember A B C - Always Bring Clippers. As you walk along, please cut the briars and other growth encroaching on the trail. Move branches and sticks off the path and report any unsafe conditions to our website or Shelton Conservation Agent, Teresa Gallagher.

    Thanks and enjoy the trails and nature of Shelton.