Friday, May 21, 2010


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The interesting thing about the Shelton Trails is that you don't have to go far to see critters in their natural habitat. That is, as natural as the environment allows. Take these chipmunks, for example:

This guy is living in what he probably thinks is a chipmunk housing development, created in the 1930s as a retaining wall along the road to Indian Well. I don't know if he has any neighbors, but he let me know that I was not welcome in his front yard! (Wish I'd had my good camera).

Now this fellow, or gal, did not wait long to utilize the steps we installed a few weeks ago. A nice smooth stone wall with easy-to-dig dirt makes for a brand new home in the neighborhood.

Front entrance with a stone deck. Great for sunbathing!

On the power lines access path, near the aptly named Turkey Trot Trail, I stumbled upon this turkey hen presumably taking a nap right in the middle of the trail. At first I thought she was dead.

When I got a bit closer, she up and skedaddled for the bushes.

Whoa! She left behind a herd of chicks that she had been sitting on! They scattered while mom tried to lure me away. I departed, hoping they were not terribly traumatized by my sudden appearance.

Life goes on along the Shelton Trails!



  1. It's flock, not herd, when you're talking about birds. And they're cute turkeys, mmmh... turkey. I can almost smell the mashed potatoes & gravy.

  2. The pastor of my church refers to us as his flock, and most of us aren't turkeys. However, I herd them turkeys scatter when I walked up on 'em!

  3. I thought we agreed it is a "gobble" of turkeys?