Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sparks a-flyin

Emma took a picture of me cutting a number of the rebar pieces in half last night (into 20"-24" lengths). My neighbor; Rick Swanson, was kind enough to loan me his cut-off saw & it worked well with the rebar.

(Rick has helped the Trails Committee before. He is an auto body artisan and restorer of Model T's & classic cars. One of his Model A's won the First-in-Show prize at the History Center this Sunday. He also welded up our pile masher that we used on the Lane St. Boardwalk. If anybody needs quality work done on their car I would highly recommend him.)

It takes a little while to cut the rebar in half, but it should make it easier to drive pins into stony soil when building steps. We used some of the rebar to set the new stairs at Riverview, but it took a while to pound in the 4 foot pins. Kelly Walsh generously donated the scrap rebar for our use on the step repair.

HELPFUL SAFETY TIP: Did you know that rebar gets REALLY HOT when you cut it with an abrasive saw? I did something stupid & picked up the end of one of the pieces after I cut it. My goggles were fogged up & I was rushing to do something else, and I thought I was picking the cool end of the bar with my bare hand, but Noooooo. I dropped the rebar like a hot rock, & headed for the first aid cabinet. After a couple of hours of soaking my hand I now have a nice blister impression of rebar corrugations in my left palm. It's not quite as bad as the evil Nazi from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it was another of life's little learning experiences that I will avoid repeating. See the photo below of ear muffs, goggles, GLOVES, and rebar laying on the ground until they have FULLY cooled. I've read that most accidents happen near the home - that's because that's where the knuckleheads live.

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  1. Ah, but the real skill is in cutting them lengthwise!

  2. I'll let you show me how that's done on the next batch with your "real skill". I have enough problems keeping all my fingers attached. I finished the rest of the rebar today. Now we need one or two 5 gallon buckets to store them all in. If anybody has any old compound buckets drop them off at The Red Barn.