Sunday, July 5, 2009

Silent Waters Canoe Launch

Terry, Emma and Biscuit spent the afternoon working on the canoe launch at Silent Waters.

Emma didn't mind getting her feet wet to pull some lily pads out of the way.


  1. Emma, Biscuit & I used the Gator to move some of the rip rap & gravel from the road onto the ramp.

    HELPFUL TIP: it's easier to do stonework without a curious puppy underfoot.

    I think the ramp needs about 2 more loads of rip rap & gravel if somebody wants to work on it this week. There is a source of large stones on the knob N. of the ramp between the RecPath and the road, but use the cart to save your back. We put the large stones on the edge, built up the middle with the rip rap, and then topped it with the gravel & stone dust for better footing. The tip of the ramp should be a little wider if possible to make placing the outer stones easier. I left some rocks along the edge & didn't finish setting them all.

    There were a lot of folks out taking advantage of the nice weather today; fishing, biking, & hiking.

  2. Nice job. Now we need to cler the lake of fallen trees so people will use the kayak ramp. Volunteers?