Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trails Day 2020 - DIY Corona Edition

Over 250 CFPA Trails Day events were canceled this year due to the Corona Virus; which is disappointing to say the least.  The Shelton hike on the Paugussett Trail and Tahmore Loop is continuing as a Do It Yourself event for individuals and families whenever they want to however.  And a very nice hike it is.

The hike starts at the off-season parking lot at Indian Well State Park (across the street from the Main Entrance), goes up the timber stairs, take a left on the Paugussett Trail (blue blazes), and walk along to a nice overview of the Housatonic River.  Proceed along the Tahmore Loop (blue/yellow blazes) though Shelton Land Trust Property for a pleasant walk that will lead you back to the junction with the Paugussett Trail.  Follow the blue blazes and signs for the Falls to bring you down to Indian Hole Brook.  You can cross the brook and then turn right to go see the Falls if you like, or follow the new return trail back to the Beach (blue/red blazes) for an easy walk back to the start of the hike.

Maps of all the trails are here.  Please print one out and take it with you.  You can't get lost even if you try.

Just beyond the sign kiosk is the start of the hike up the big steps.  Some hikers may want to guess how many there are before they start.  The steps were built by CFPA volunteers a few years ago.

Turning right on the Paugussett Trail you'll follow a well-worn trail toward the overlook.

After the Overlook you'll continue on the Tahmore Loop through open woodlands with periodic sunny glades and knolls.

There were many re-routes, trail improvements, fresh blazes, new signs, and new trails created the make the hike more enjoyable and safe.
Indian Hole Brook after the Tahmore Loop.

Indian Hole Bridge is under construction.  It is not safe to walk back to the walk back to the State Park entrance on the road.  Use the new Beach return trail blazed blue and red for an easy walk back to the start of the hike.

The trails are in great shape, please enjoy them.

Following this hike we went up to Birchbank Mountain, just north of Indian Well State Park to replace a map box on the kiosk there.  The old one had become faded and weather beaten.

And met a local family out hiking on Birchbank Trail.  They were some of the many hikers and families we saw using the trails.  They were having a great time just going for a walk.  That was very gratifying to see and one of the reasons that we put so much effort into the trail system.  So even if there's no big scheduled group hikes for 2020, go out and enjoy whichever trail you choose for Trails Day.

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