Saturday, June 22, 2019

Cut, cut, cut the brush, as far as you can see ......

Mow that brush.  Nothing like a lot of rain and sunshine to fill in the trails with plant growth.  So the Trails Committee and volunteers braved the June heat and humidity to cut back the vegetation along the Paugussett Trail from Constitution Blvd North going North and South.

For some reason I feel a song about a boat coming on.......

Jim and Luis took the Gator and mower and cleared various spots out to Wellington CT, past Independence Dr., and down along the RecPath.  It was hot, buggy, and did we say hot?  The guys did a great job mowing with the Gator.

Mark Vallero cut out portions of the Turkey Trot, Paugussett Trail, and other spots before he had to go home to work on his own house.  Obviously, he has to work on his sense of priorities.

One of the "before" pictures along the Paugussett Trail.  We cut all this back and made the trail more tick unfriendly for the hikers and bikers passing thru.  Bill Dyer dove into this and cut stuff back until he had to leave. 

We cleared out down to Meadow Street at Mayflower Lane.  There's more that can be cut (as always at this time of the year), but the trail looks better and is more passable.  Thanks to Betsy, Graham, Bob, Bill, Mark, Val, Mike, Terry, Jim and Luis for coming out to give Shelton's trails a haircut on a steamy Saturday.

Join us Saturday 7/12 at 8:30 at Sinsabaugh Heights to cut out the rest of the Paugussett Trail down to Rt. 110.  We're meeting at the parking lot at the back of the neighborhood.  Bring water, bug spray, and your choice of weapon to deal with briars and brush.

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