Sunday, April 7, 2019

Spring has Sprung

Nothing like mid-60's and sunshine to bring out trail users.

Including these folks out riding on Nell's Rock Trail.  We don't traditionally get a lot of horseback riders so it was fun seeing them. 

We had dog-walkers, joggers, mountain bikers, nature observers, and now horses.  It was a busy day on the trails.

The Nell's Loop Kiosk is one of several that are being upgraded with new maps and content for Spring.

Someone left some cheery painted rocks below the kiosk.

And over on the west side of town the Spicebush is just starting to bloom yellow along Boehm Brook.  The recently relocated bridge was looking good.

Trail Tip:  Remember that it's Mud Season.  If a trail is wet and mushy don't create a muddy mess by over use.  Spread out to some lesser used or higher and dryer trails, or wait until things dry out a bit to use the trails.  The RecPath and The Riverwalk are good all-weather surfaces.

A series of trail work parties and hikes are planned for the coming weeks to repair erosion and explore spring trails.  See the events and workparties pages for more info.

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