Monday, September 17, 2018

Nicholdale/Willis Woods Sign Installation.

Pearmain Path begins near the Land Trust camp at Nicholdale and heads south to Pearmain Rd. 

New routered signs have been installed at Nicholdale Farm and Willis Woods to help people figure out what trail they're on. Pearmain and Stockmal Trails cross private lands under an easement held by the City of Shelton, but begin on Land Trust property.

Stockmal Trail begins on Rt 110 at Willis Woods

The red loop trail off of Stockmal Trail that circles the Land Trust's Willis Woods property was named Willis Trail for obvious reasons.

Willis Trail on right, Stockmal on left
A short connector trail between Nicholdale Farm (where there is ample parking) and Willis Woods has been blazed blue/white, with signs to help users locate the connection. It's important to cross Rt 110 at this location because there are better sight lines than further down the hill.

Connector as seen from Nicholdale
Coming from Willis Woods, the connector trail is signed "Nicholdale Connector."

Connector as seen from Rt 110 and Willis Woods

The blue perimeter trail has been named Nichols Trail after the family that previously farmed the property. A sign was installed to help people find the trail entrance at the back of the main parking lot in case they want to go look at the cow underpass or head on over to Willis Woods.

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