Saturday, August 4, 2018

Girl Scout Pollinator Garden at the Shelton Community Center

There was a pleasant surprise at the Shelton Community Center the other week.  A really nice semi-hidden natural garden had been planned and planted by one of the local girl scouts; Kathryn Wilkinson, as a Gold Scout project.

Love the sign.

The Pollinator Garden livens up the courtyard leading into the Huntington Branch Library, and the Parks and Recreation Office near the swimming pool at the rear of the Community Center.  Not only are there flowers, but flowers with a purpose to help out insects that pollinate our crops.

There's some cozy benches, crushed stone walks, and signs identifying the plants for inspiration in possible landscaping around your own home.

There's also bee houses and other enhancements to improve habitat along the garden.  It's a pretty landscape, but a working landscape also.  One of the objectives in public education about the problems of pollinators declining and how to help them survive, which helps us with growing the food that we need to survive.

It was a pleasure meeting Katy during the G.S. Bottle Drive this weekend.  This is a great project for the environment and Shelton; Thank You to everyone involved. 

You can park at the Community Center in Huntington Center to enjoy the Shelton Lakes RecPath on Lane Street.  Check out the new garden while you're there and help support the Girl Scouts.  They do good work.

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