Tuesday, July 3, 2018

New Paugussett Signs

The new design
Inspired by a sign seen along the Appalachian Trail alerting hikers to an upcoming road walk, we've decided to try out some new informational signs along the Paugussett Trail. We have three road walks along the Paugussett Trail in Shelton, and most hikers assume the trail simply ends there at the road. So this seems like a great way to let people know the trail continues and how to follow it. Blazes along roadways can suddenly disappear if, for example, telephone poles are replaced or blazes on curbs are covered with fresh asphalt.

Appalachian Trail sign: "Road Walk Ahead"
The design was paper under a piece of plexiglass that was screwed onto a painted board. We noted that part of the information on Appalachian Trail had faded to nothing, so we used a good laser copier on the darkest setting, stuck to black and white, and then sprayed the paper with several coats of a special acrylic sealer designed to filter out UV rays. The sealer will help the paper hold up if it gets wet, too. We had some spare cedar shingles laying around, so we used those to make a simple roof. We considered laminating the paper under the plexiglass, but thought water might get trapped between the laminating plastic and the plexiglass and fog up. We can always try that next if this doesn't work.

Welcome to Birchbank Mountain

We also wanted to inform hikers coming in from Indian Well when they've reached Birchbank Mountain, because most of them think they are still on DEEP property, and this design seemed like it might work.

"Road Walk Ahead"
When we're done, there should be six signs for the three road walks (one from each direction): Mayflower Lane, Okenuck Way/Boulder Path, and Thoreau Drive.

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