Friday, June 8, 2018

It's June - Mountain Laurel Time

In case you live and work in an underground bomb shelter, It's June and the weather is great outside!  And bye the way, the Mountain Laurel are spectacular along the Recreation Path.

Some times we get so wrapped up in chores, sports, home improvements, etc. that we forget to see what's around us.  We see some attractive spring flowers as we speed by on City streets, but do we really see them?  They are nice everywhere this year, but one really good place to see them is along the powerlines by the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. 

The best stretch is between the Nells Rock Parking Lot at the Dog Park, and Great Ledge going past Oak Valley Road.  There are a lot of good sights along the entire RecPath, but you'll see a lot of picturesque views with very little effort by taking a walk along this stretch this year.  Take your time and soak in the scenery.

There are places where you'll feel like your walking through a tunnel of flowers.  It won't last forever, so carve out a few minutes and go for a short walk this weekend, or possible a longer one.  There's a variety of reasons that residents like Shelton's greenways.  Go for a walk and you'll be pleasantly surprised along Shelton's trails and open spaces.

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