Monday, April 3, 2017

Birchbank Blowdown Buckup

A number of trees came down over the trails during the winter, including some large Tulips on the Birchbank Mountain trails.  Rather than a full work party a pair of Trail Committee members; Jim Taradine & Rich Skudlarek (which Google's spellcheck wants to change to Tardiness and Skulker for some reason) went out to clear the worst of the mess.

Here's Jim sizing up the mess.  Rich is probably offering helpful advice on how Jim should remove the tree.

Not sure if this was Rich's advice, but Jim started to take the tree apart with his bare hands.

But ultimately resorted to using chainsaws.

One of the trucks sprung back up after the weight was taken off.  Always fun when this happens quickly.

So if you happen to see 2 guys with chainsaws on the trails, sometimes pushing a rickety cart that looks like it escaped a World War II scrap metal drive, they are harmless.  Feel free to help them. Or come to one of our work parties; the next of which is 4/22nd at the Waicek property - see the separate page for Upcoming Work Parties.

The Trails Committee will hold a Spring Wildflower Walk at Birchbank on April 29th (Saturday) at 10:00 hike.  You can come out an enjoy not having to hike up, over, and around all of the blowdowns.

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