Thursday, February 23, 2017

Old Kings Highway, Buddington to Mill Street

Junction Old Town Road and Buddington
The "Old Kings Highway" between Buddington Road and Mill Street is unmarked but easy enough to follow. The entire route is public property, and the old road certainly dates back to the 1700's if not earlier. There is no designated parking, so it's mostly neighbors who hike it. Old Town Road, a dead end, does link up with other nearby open space and we have the potential for linkage with the Rec Path someday in the future.
View of Old Kings Highway from Old Town Road
From Buddington Road, the Old King's Highway isn't super obvious, but you can find it going straight across from Old Town Road (the name "Old Town Road" suggests this is an old intersection). The Paugussett Trail used to go down Old Town Road in the 1960s, and then follow Old Kings Highway.  Look at the really big oak in the middle of the photo above. If you look really closely at the big oak, you should a couple of small flecks of blue paint.

Remnants of a really, really old blue blaze
That's an old blue blaze from several decades ago. Back when they probably had long-lasting lead in the paint!

The trace of the old road with a modern paved drive to the left
From Buddington, the old road bed squeezes between homes and private property, but the road itself is owned by the city.

That "posted" sign is facing the wrong way. The road is public property. 
Before long, you're completely in the woods. Probably not for long though, because the property on the left is part of the Shelter Ridge site slated for development. There was bright orange survey flagging along the border, and blue wetlands flagging as well.

Clubmoss (lycopodium)
The area around the stream crossing is scenic. If the season is right, you can hear the water cascading down the slope below. There are interesting rock formations and the beginning of the long stone walls.

Near the stream crossing

Old Kings Highway fords a small stream
The old road goes right through a stream, and it's helpful to have waterproof boots and a walking stick to get across. To the left, the stream moves slowly through a vernal pool. To the right, it falls sharply down the slope through an open space property called the "Old Kings Highway Open Space."

The stream plunges down the slope . 
It's possible the old Paugussett Trail diverged from Old Kings Highway at this point and followed what is now an unmarked trail or old road. We don't really know.

Road junction
Right after crossing the street, there is a junction with some old farm roads that come out of the Wells property known as Shelter Ridge. The Wells property isn't posted, so it's still possible to follow the farm roads, now completely wooded and lined by stone walls, to the distinctive remains of some old building.

Old foundation

Back to Old Kings Highway, continuing south towards Mill Street, the road runs through the most scenic stretch, line with old stone walls. Imagine old stagecoaches and farm wagons heading down this road during the Revolutionary War.

Tragically, some heartless mason has been stealing rock from this historic wall. The theft has been reported to the police and we were told that it constitutes larceny. Weathered stone like this has economic value.

Most of the rock in this wall has been stolen recently. 
We believe the thief is a professional mason because some of the rock was chiseled and trimmed as only an experienced mason would do. This occurred late fall through winter. If anyone has any tips, please let us know.

The stone wall used to be much larger
The old road descends and suddenly becomes a narrow paved road that is often confused for a common drive. There are a few homes on either side before you get to Mill Street. A wrack of mail boxes on Mill Street marks the spot. 

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