Saturday, September 10, 2016

Weed Whackin'

More than any trail in Shelton, the Rec Path requires loads of work to keep the path clear of weeds and debris and to maintain an 8 foot width for its entire 4 mile length. This has been difficult this past summer due to the extensive and rapid weed growth in many sections. This weekend we attempted to clear up some of the worst overgrowth, focusing on the areas closest to the road crossing on Wesley Drive.

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Rake in hand, Lynn finds an area that needs work

We gathered our tools and split up, covering both sides of the road where the trail crosses. Note the heavy weed growth at the bottom of the photo

Jim, Bill, Mike and Terry discuss the next move

Eva does some serious pruning, while Lynn rakes up the cut debris. The patio set on the right is there as a resting place for trail users
After cutting back tall weeds with a hedge-trimmer attachment, John rakes up the waste

     Terry fires up one of several string trimmers and power clippers used on this job

 Thanks to Trails Committee members Bill, Terry, Jim, and Richard, and volunteers Mike, Eva, Lynn, and John for spending their Saturday morning making our trails a bit better to negotiate.


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  1. Four and a half miles to be maintained, but who's counting. Fast Post - thanks to everybody who came out.