Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Short Crew of Minions on Saturday

We had a short crew on Saturday.  Actually we were probably of average height, but only 3 of us showed up.  We did get a fair piece of work done before we had to leave for our other weekend tasks though.

The goal was to mow the Paugussett Trail though the Wiecek Open Space on Constitution Blvd North, however since we had limited staff we focused on moving rocks and filling in ditches and walls left over from recent CL&P construction along the powerlines.

Here was a diversion ditch filled in with rocks to make it easier to walk, bike and drive maintenance gear over.

The farmer had started to hay the lower Wiecek Meadow last week so we left the upper meadow alone for now.  Follow the blue-blazed stakes along the perimeter of the hay field until we mow.

 The cut-out in the stone wall was cleared.  The viburnum and greenbriars were putting on a flowery show.

We then cleared out the trail from Constitution Blvd North toward Wellington Court, cut out down toward Dyer Straits, then the battery in the mower shorted out.  The brushcutter also wouldn't idle properly, so we used the string trimmer until that ran out of string.  It just wasn't our day.  Luckily the hedgetrimmer worked so we were able to convince Rich to keep working while we went old school and started cutting briars manually.

June is a tough month to keep trails clear.  Especially in the open areas when it rains and there's a lot of warm sun; everything just explodes.  Jim later cleared blowdowns by the Dog Park, and Teresa cut brush back on the Paugussett Trail, the RecPath, and at other trails.  So enjoy the trails, and follow Bill Dyer's ABC advice; Allways Bring Clippers.  Seriously, bring your clippers when you go bike riding, running, or walking because you'll need them.  Or plan to join us for a trail work party because we appreciate any and all agile active trail aficionados. See the work party page for more info.

And check out the Mountain Laurel on the RecPath south of the Dog Park this week.  You won't be sorry.

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