Saturday, March 19, 2016

Marshmallow March 2016

This year's hike was a bit different than the previous treks through the snow. Mostly because there was no snow! But everyone seemed to enjoy the unusual late-winter warm spell and the opportunity to take a refreshing hike, culminating in a kid-friendly marshmallow roast by a campfire at the Boy Scout camp, sipping hot chocolate. We had a turnout of 44 adults and kids (and a few fur people) before the campfire was finally extinguished. This event was held at the Nicholdale Farm, a part of the Shelton Land Conservation Trust. Many thanks to Joe Welsh of the Trust for "loaning"  us the use of the farm and Scout camp. Check out the participants in the photos below:

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We started with this group, picked up a few strays along the way, and brought back most of them alive
Anxious to go!

Terrance leads the way

While the hikers make their way to the Scout camp, Jim and Richard prepare the campfire

The race is on to get to the marshmallows first!


At last, everyone has left, bits of burnt marshmallow embedded in their clothes, and Jim douses the campfire

A great day at Nicholdale Farm, as we look forward to next year's Marshmallow March!

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