Monday, March 14, 2016

Fox Hollow Trail

Until now, the upper Birchbank Trail in White Hills was readily accessible only by an uphill trek from Indian Well Road or Birchbank Road. The Shelton Trails Committee was approached with a request to advise and assist neighbors in the Little Fox Run Road community in creating an access trail from that street to the Birchbank Trail using an open space corridor between them.

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The developer had installed picturesque cut stone pillars and steps to head a trail that was never maintained. Over the years nature took over and the steps were overgrown
Before - It's difficult to see that this is the entrance to a trail

There is no discernible trail. Private property borders this corridor

 A work party consisting of Shelton Trail Committee members, volunteers, and neighbors gathered to initiate this project
We also had two Shelton High students helping out as part of their Community Service requirements

The group split up into separate teams, the lucky ones with leaf blowers...

....others with rakes and loppers

The most noticeable difference was in the entrance. Heavy brush, weeds, and an accumulation of leaves were removed to reveal a wonderfully crafted staircase

After - Quite a difference!

It's easy now to find the trail without crossing private property
Michael, Joseph, Jimmy, Bill (still working), Sheri, and Karen survived to fight another day!

Thanks to everyone who participated in making this a successful project..... Volunteers Jimmy, Joseph and dad Michael, Valerie, Alison, Carol, Harry, and Stewart and Karen (who initiated this project). Carrying the whips and wasting time taking photos were Shelton Trails Committee members Bill, Terrance, Sheri, Bob, Jim, and Richard. Join us in the future for a morning of healthy fun creating and upgrading our Shelton Trails!

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  1. Great work by everybody on building this neighborhood access in the White Hills. And you can actually see our fanciest trailhead sign now. Nice post Rich.