Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Is it winter yet?

We're not complaining...the weather has been ideal for catching up on our Fall clean-up! With over 14 miles of trails in Shelton to maintain, we'll take all the good weather that can come our way!

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The ducks had the right idea. Just relax in the sun on Silent Waters!

It all starts with cranking up the leaf blowers. Harry fires up his machine
Terrance and Mary focused on clearing away invasive Russian Olive
Before: Leaf litter all but obscured the rec path between Constitution Blvd and Silent Waters
After: Much easier to walk, run, and ride your horse (if that's your means of transportation)

Harry disappears inside the Russian Olive that he's taking apart
"Where are we gonna put this stuff?"

Richard and Harry clear away the debris from the rec path
Found in the overgrowth: A birds nest transformed into a seed and berry stash?
At mornings end, one small step for the Shelton Trails Committee, one giant leap for......well, at least we cleared up part of the picture!

Thanks to Mary and Harry, our volunteers, for giving up their Saturday morning to help out, and to Terrance, Richard, and Jim (who failed to get into the pictures), from the Shelton Trails Committee.

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  1. Thanks to the Shelton Parks & Rec guys for picking up the brush piles that we left on the sides of the road. And for cleaning up the mess that someone dumped on the RecPath. Much appreciated.