Monday, September 14, 2015

Dig We Must!

A small section of the Paugussett Trail in Shelton strays from the natural wooded path onto Mayflower Lane, returning to the wild at the Wiacek farm fields. To keep hikers aware of the correct trail entrance at the end of the cul-de-sac and avoid straying onto adjacent neighbor's properties, it was decided to erect posts clearly visible from the road. Shelton Trail Committee members Bill, Terry, Jim, and Richard were joined by volunteers Joyce and Harry on this work party.

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Jim scouts the area for a place to erect the posts. The trail entrance is barely visible behind him

One hole dug,  Jim pounds rebar into the sides to reinforce the concrete to be added

Harry takes a turn with the post-hole digger. 
Bill tries to keep the post level while Terry adds concrete
Bill uses a special level to keep the post straight on all sides
Richard stands idly by while Harry tops off the post hole
Joyce joins Bill, Richard, Harry, and Jim after working back on the trail
The finished posts. Blazes, and possibly signs, will be added later.

Since we finished erecting the posts sooner than we expected, we turned our attention to the trail itself, trimming wayward branches and weeds, and removing exposed roots and "trippers", small tree stumps that had been missed during previous clearing.

Terry cuts a dead tree that blocks a view of the trail ahead
Joyce goes after some wayward roots
Clearing the way
Unfortunately, where there are people, there is trash, and possibly a lost golfer!
This work party accomplished its goal, increasing the visibility of the trail entrance as well as cleaning up a bit of the trail itself. Come to our next work party!


  1. Note that the posts are vertical and the camera was not in the early shots.

    Nice to have Joyce and Harry join us.

  2. Maybe we can invent a new sport: Trail Golf. I may have an advantage in this version since I'm pretty good hitting trees in regular golf.